Real estate agent Amsterdam-North

VZmakelaars is active in selling and appraising houses in Amsterdam North.

Do you want to sell your house in Amsterdam North?

It starts with an introductory meeting. This conversation is completely non-binding. You can tell your story and ask any questions you have. After this you have time to let it sink in.

How much surplus value do you have?!

This is an interesting question! During the conversation, we will answer this question based on a transaction list with comparable homes that have recently been sold in your area.

We go for the best sales price!

We pay a lot of attention to the presentation of the house. This means that we give tips to make the house more attractive for sale. This is customization. It can range from whitewashing a wall to complete styling of the home. We work with the largest home photography company in the Netherlands called Zibber. Think of beautiful detailed photos, videos for Instagram and Facebook, 3D maps, drone videos, etc. It only goes online when you are happy!


Selling your home can be a stressful time for people. So it's nice if the process goes as smoothly as possible. We are ready for you and help you in various areas. For example, it is possible to have the oven professionally cleaned before viewings. Or that we have the window cleaner come by before the photographer comes.

As a sales broker in Amsterdam-Noord, we have already been through a lot, so we know what to look out for. We think a few steps ahead.

An example.

Suppose you receive an offer from a party. The height is what you want and the conditions are also favorable. That's very beautiful! Our task as the selling broker is to do a screening. So investigate how much certainty this party can provide. We will contact the customer's mortgage advisor. So that you can make an informed decision to sell your home to this party.

Our client's interests come first and we keep the sales process clear and smooth.

Over the years we have built up a large database of people who are looking to buy an apartment or house in Amsterdam. Thanks to our large network of mortgage advisers, the municipality of Noord and other real estate agents in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, we are aware of what is happening in the constantly changing housing market.


Being in contact with each other quickly is at the top of providing good service. Via Whatsapp we ensure that we are one of the few brokers that can be reached quickly and easily in the evenings and weekends.


Once an offer was made on a house. Sellers thought it was on the low side, but didn't really have much time left. They were about to accept the offer. That evening, a Whatsapp suddenly came in from someone who wanted to view the house. Ultimately, this also became the buyer and the house was sold for 20,000 euros more. So well earned quickly by such a late Whatsapp in the evening.

VZmakelaars uses:

A competitive commission, free start-up costs worth €495 and no withdrawal costs!

  Does this appeal to you!

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