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VZ Makelaardij and Taxaties provide NWWI validated valuation reports.

Do you need a valuation for your home in Amsterdam Southeast? Then you've come to the right place.

  • can be arranged in the short term
  • valid for all lenders/banks
  • NNWI validated
  • Report in your mailbox within a few days
  • Note is tax deductible
  • Invoice may be paid afterwards through the notary

We appraise the value after renovation. Have you bought a house and want to borrow the money from the bank for the renovation? Then we can include that in the valuation report.

Do you want to rent out the house? Then we make an appraisal report containing the value in rented condition. Your mortgage adviser can then give this to the bank when applying for the loan.

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What is a valuation report?
An appraisal report is also referred to as an independent valuation report. In such a report, the market value of a home is determined by an appraiser. In this report you will find the characteristics of the house described in detail and the value determined.

Why us, VZ Makelaardij & Appraisals, as your appraiser?
We are affiliated with the validation institute NWWI (Dutch Housing Value Institute) and are registered with the NRVT (Dutch Register of Property Appraisers).
The validated valuation reports are accepted by all lenders.
We are available at short notice and always available, so super fast for you! Send us a WhatsApp on 06 141 66980 and we will respond as soon as we can.
How does an appraisal work?
Of course you want to know where you stand. When valuing your home, we, as appraisers, look at various aspects.

The condition: we look at the condition of the house. Is it well maintained? Is there overdue maintenance?
The Neighborhood: We look at similar homes in the area that have recently sold. What was their selling price?
Sustainability: how energy efficient is the house now? And what can be improved to make the home more energy efficient?
The market conditions: what does the market look like at that moment? Is there tightness? Or is there a surplus?
We process the results of these steps in the valuation report. This report is checked by the Netherlands Housing Value Institute (NWWI). This way you can be sure that the valuation report is reliable and of good quality. In addition, you also know for sure that it is recognized by authorities such as the bank.

Whatever your situation, get in touch with us. As experienced appraisers, we, VZ Makelaardij & Appraisal, provide you with a high-quality and reliable appraisal report. So that you can continue quickly.

Send us a WhatsApp message on 06 141 66980 and get a quick answer.