About us

I am Vanessa Zegers and I would like to sell or value your house.

With a top team in the background, VZ makelaars has been able to make many customers happy with great sales results!

Why am I the right person ?!


I have obtained all my diplomas and am therefore a certified broker in the register for brokers (SCVM) and the register for appraisers (NRVT) registered broker and appraiser!

Fun and sports!!

I will be happy to get started for you. I go for the best result and get a huge kick from a happy customer and a good sales revenue!


I have been working in brokerage since 2012. Top broker John Breed has been my mentor and I enjoyed working together in his team. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and eventually went on independently. Meanwhile many houses sold and valued. This in particular in Amsterdam, Purmerend and Almere. Met many new people and built up a large network.

Neighborhood knowledge

I know the city well through work and living. I was born in Amsterdam and have lived in different parts of the city; Noord, de Aker, Bos en Lommer, Nieuw Sloten, Zuidoost and the lively Purmerend.

Quickly accessible 24/7 WhatsApp...

I like short lines so that we can switch quickly. Works well and can sometimes be very important in this market.


Appointment in the evening hours or via facetime is no problem. Is so nice that you don't have to take time off from work, for example, so just let us know when it is really convenient for you!

Clear communication

I think it is important that there is no miscommunication, so always try to ensure that there are clear agreements and that we are on the same line. Every customer has his own story and wishes, so we have full attention for that.

Relieve it

Full service! A smooth sales process, with as little stress as possible for my customers. That is our goal. We understand that people are busy and the approach is to relieve people as much as possible.

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