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VZmakelaars is active in the sale and valuation of homes in IJburg.

Compared to other brokers, VZMakelaars are:

Also active in the evenings
Available 24/7
And VZMakelaars uses a:

Sharp commission
No start-up costs
No withdrawal fees
Selling house checklist
Apply for a final energy label
Getting the house ready for sale
Consultation with real estate agent (estimate sales proceeds, styling tips, sales strategy, commission)
Tax and financial advice
If you sell your current home and buy a new home, you will be faced with many questions when taking out a mortgage. Can you take out an interest-only mortgage again? And what about a savings mortgage? You may be buying before your current home is sold. How does it work then? And what do you do with surplus value? Do you need a bridging loan?

How does a bridging loan work?
Have you not yet sold your old home, but do you want to use the surplus value? Then you need a bridging loan. You will only receive the surplus value once the old house has been sold and paid for. Lenders are reluctant to provide bridging loans. In general, the expected surplus value is also not fully financed and the lender takes into account a lower yield from the home.

In general, the lender requires a mortgage registration on both the old and the new home. In addition to consultancy costs, you usually also pay notary costs when you take out a bridging loan.

During the bridging period you then have several loans: a mortgage on your old home, a mortgage on your new home and a bridging loan. As soon as the old home has been sold, the mortgage on the old home and the bridging loan are repaid, leaving only the mortgage on the new home.

The bridging loan usually runs through the lender with whom you also take out the new mortgage. The maximum term of a bridging loan depends on the conditions of the lender and usually varies from six months to two years. If you have not yet sold your old home after that period, contact the lender in good time to discuss an extension of your credit. Extending is not self-evident.

Divorce with a mortgage
When you get divorced, there are a lot of things that need to be arranged. Especially if you own a house together. What are your options and what steps should you take. Get good advice from your real estate agent. If you would like a conversation with a mediator. At Interfair mediation & more you can request an introductory meeting without obligation.

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